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North Valley Standout
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North Valley High School Principal Dennis Meisner introduced May's Sudent...

Great Group
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This Kiwanis Family works hard, plays hard. Howard Prairie Campout over the...

Wildlife Workday Saturday!
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Steve Haydon (541-226-9044) is heading up the Club's annual work party for...

Healthy "Biz for Kidz" Day
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The 2nd Annual "Biz for Kidz" and YMCA "Healthy Kids Day"...

Trio of Terrific Students!
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Mary Redding introduced and recognized three outstanding young people from area...


Date Type Title
5/31/2016 Meeting
6/7/2016 Meeting

Author Nils Nilsson was recommended by our own Ken Hickenbottom Kiwanian!  Can't wait to hear!

6/21/2016 Meeting

Will update us on our participation and goals for this years Fair!  Great program bringing agencies and support to needy youth heading back to school.

6/25/2016 Event

The GP Kiwanis Club Annual Wine Tour is always too much fun, don't miss this day of vinticultural discovery!

6/29/2016 Event

Dining out with Kiwanis ladies, wives and friends!

6/29/2016 Event

Ladies having great food & fun!

7/5/2016 Meeting
7/27/2016 Event

Great time dining out with lady Kiwanians, wives and friends!

8/9/2016 Event

The 2016 Fair Parking Project will be headed by incoming President Lonnie Johnson.

8/17/2016 Event

Every year the GP Kiwanis members partake in parking cars for the County fair.  Each member will either work, pay, or have a replacement person/student work three  4 hour shifts during the fair.

8/18/2016 Event

The GP Kiwanis Club will be parking cars durning the fair.

8/19/2016 Event

The GP Kiwanis Club will be parking cars for the fair.

8/20/2016 Event

The GP Kiwanis parking cars for the fair

8/31/2016 Event

Dining out with lady Kiwanians, wives and girlfriends!

9/28/2016 Event

Dining out with Kiwanis ladies, wives and girlfriends.